Excited Delirium ACE Instructor Requalification

IPICD Excited Delirium & ACE Instructor Re-qualification 5.1e:

Click the Start Arrow for a Brief Welcome and Introduction to the Course from John G. Peters, Jr., Ph.D., CTC, CLS:

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Cost-effective and convenient, the IPICD  online program is required of all IPICD Excited Delirium & ACE Instructor qualified instructors who successfully completed this IPICD program prior to Version 5.1 to maintain their staying current as an IPICD-qualified instructor. IPICD instructor certificates expire 2 years from the date of issue. This online program will educate and update current IPICD-qualified Excited Delirium & ACE-qualified instructors about several topics that have been added to the IPICD instructor program, including, but not limited to: agonal breathing; alcohol withdrawal; autism; epilepsy; synthetic drugs; water intoxication; and other important subjects. Upon successful completion of the online program, the instructor will receive a new certificate that will expire 2 years from the date of issuance.


Course Prerequisite:

Only IPICD-qualified Excited Delirium & ACE instructor graduates prior to Version 5.1 are authorized and qualified to take this online re-qualification course.


Course Access and Instructions:

  1. Use the Enroll Now button below to Register.  Tuition: $75.
  2. Pay using a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit card. If payment is being made by check, warrant, or Purchase Order, please call the IPICD: 866.944.4723.
  3. Start with Introduction to Recertification (Available after you Register and Enroll).
  4. Download and Print the Course Workbook
  5. View the instructions for progressing through the course and completing each lesson.
  6. Mark the Introductory Lesson Complete and Move into the Course Content, starting with the Lesson on Agonal Breathing.
  7. Start and listen to the lesson narration that will direct you through the lesson slides.
  8. Simultaneously view the PowerPoint Presentations,
  9. Follow along in your Requalification Workbook. Take appropriate notes.
  10. Access, watch, and/or read additional video, articles, etc. as required by the lesson.
  11. When Finished with a Lesson, Hit the “Mark Complete” Button at the Bottom of the Page,
  12. Progress to another lesson, until you have completed all required lessons.
  13. Monitor Your Progress on the Course Progress Bar, and in the Course Progress Sidebar.  It shows the list of Lessons Completed, as crossed off.
  14. After completion of all lesson, take the online course assessment.
  15. Read the assessment instructions prior to taking it.
  16. Answer all questions on the assessment (only correct answers will be scored).
  17. When Done, Mark the Final Complete,
  18. A total score of 59 points (90%) is required for you to successfully pass this course.
  19. Print out an instructor re-qualification certificate that is valid for two years from date of issuance.


Required Items:

  • Computer with speakers (all lessons have narration, with one or more lessons requiring the listening to other audio such as may be associated with video).
  • Computer with Dependable Internet Connection (high speed recommended for best results)
  • Knowledge on how to Navigate the Internet
  • Mouse (unless using touch screen)
  • Keyboard (unless using touch screen)
  • Printer (optional)
  • IPICD Mini-Poster and/or Original Instructor Workbook
  • IPICD Instructor Re-qualification Workbook (only downloadable after course payment is processed).
  • Comfortable Chair
  • Comfortable Writing Surface for Note Taking
  • Writing Instrument
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Quiet Area


Instructor Re-qualification:

Upon successful completion of the course online assessment you can print a new instructor re-qualification certificate that will expire 2 years form the date of issuance.


Take This Course:


Tuition: $75

Call 866.944.4723 for Additional Information

or to Enroll By Phone

Please enroll and register for this course now. As soon as your register, you will have access to the course lessons, workbook, assessment, and certificate (upon successful completion of the course requirements and assessment).

Thank you for maintaining your instructor qualification, and for helping to professionalize your agency through continuous training.