Excited Delirium and ACE™ Instructor Requalification 5.1E

Cost-effective and convenient, this IPICD instructor online requalification program is required of all IPICD Excited Delirium & and ACE™ – qualified instructors who graduated prior to Version 5.1, if they desire to keep their IPICD-qualified instructor status active. IPICD instructor certificates expire 2 years from the date of issue. This online program will educate and update current IPICD-qualified instructors about several topics that have been added to the IPICD Version 5.1 instructor program, including, but not limited to: agonal breathing; alcohol withdrawal; autism; epilepsy; synthetic drugs; water intoxication; and other important subjects. Upon successful completion of the online program, including the passing of the online assessment, you will receive a new certificate that will expire 2 years from the date of issuance…………. Learn More>

“One Breath: The Importance of Recognizing Agonal & Other Breathing Problems” User-Level Program

“If he’s talking, he’s breathing,” is a comment often given to the media by law enforcement spokespersons following the sudden death of a suspect who repeatedly said “I can’t breathe” prior to dying. Many of these tragic events were uploaded to social media by civilians who had videotaped them on their cellular telephones. Professional media also replayed the incidents, including the shoot-from-the-hip and inaccurate comment about breathing. Today’s bottom line is simple: The public is demanding accountability and transparency from government entities, including law enforcement. Public mistrust of law enforcement and government entities continue to grow. …………. Learn More>