IPICD Online Training Center

Welcome to the IPICD Online Training Center!

In the Summer of 2014 the internationally-recognized Institute for the Prevention of In-custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD) launched its “IPICD Online Training Center.” Innovative, cost-effective, instructive, and requiring no travel or per diem costs, IPICD online programs provide the information needed for IPICD instructor graduates to update and maintain their instructor status, and for others to be trained in arrest-related and sudden in-custody death topics. Please bookmark this site and revisit it often to discover what professional, scientifically-, medically-, and legally-based online risk management programs have been added to the “IPICD Online Training Center.”

Revised and Updated Abnormal Breathing Program . . . Now Available

The IPICD’s eLearning breathing program has been revised and updated. TUITION FREE, the program can be completed in approximately 60 minutes. Click “Enroll Now” to enroll and complete the program. Learn More