Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD)

Founded in 2005 by internationally-recognized defensive tactics trainer, author, and litigation consultant, John G. Peters, Jr., Ph.D., CTC, CLS, the IPICD concentrates on providing Train-the-Trainer and forensic instruction through its seminal scientifically- and legally-based excited delirium, arrest-related death, sudden in-custody death, forensics, suicide, amendment-based use-of-force, and other risk management programs. Beginning in 2006, the IPICD hosted and produced the first international conference about excited delirium, arrest-related, and sudden in-custody deaths. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA each Fall, IPICD conference presenters are world-class researchers, scientists, attorneys, physicians, and criminal justice practitioners who share the latest scientific, legal, medical, and best practices with attendees who come from across the globe. Since its founding, the IPICD has added several programs of instruction, including the hosting of the first international symposium on the medical, scientific, and legal constraints on human restraints. For more information about the IPICD, its training programs and their locations, please visit the IPICD Website: www.ipicd.com

IPICD Mission Statement

The IPICD is a clearinghouse, resource center, and training provider dedicated to providing interested parties with objective, timely, accurate, qualitative, and quantitative information, training and operational guidance for the prevention and management of sudden- and in-custody deaths.

IPICD Online Training Center

With more than 17,000 graduates of its training programs, conferences, and symposia from across the globe, the IPICD continues to be a pioneering international training provider with the development of its “IPICD Online Training Center.” Innovative, cost-effective, instructive, and requiring no travel or per diem expenses, IPICD online programs provide the information needed for IPICD instructor graduates to update and keep their instructor status, and for others to be trained in arrest-related, sudden in-custody death, forensic, and risk management topics.  Additional instructor requalification and other online courses will be offered through the “IPICD Online Training Center.”

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