Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from our users. A solution to your question may be below, and we suggest checking first before contacting the IPICD.

1. Help! I forgot my password and need to reset it. 

Visit the Lost Password page, type in the email address you used for your account, and click “Get New Password”. Check your email account for an email from us with a link to reset your password.

Lost Password Page: https://ipicdtc.com/lostpassword/

2. I am having a problem taking / submitting the quiz, or progressing in my lessons. The buttons to progress do not appear to respond.

If available, please try to use another computer as the one you are on may have features blocked that are required to progress. Certain components of online training may require features of your browser that have been blocked by your IT department, or are not supported by your browser. Usually an older version of Internet Explorer is the cause. Please try one of the following browsers for best results if possible.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple’s Safari (Mac, iPhone, and iPad)

We have had users use their smartphones and tablets to take the quiz, and then print their certificate from the computer. The training site does support mobile devices, and usually your app store has the latest browsers for the best experience. Android and Apple app stores do have Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox available to download.

**There have been some changes made on our end to hopefully resolve quiz completion issue.

3. My certificate does not show my name. 

You need to visit your profile page and fill in the first and last name boxes. Once filled in you must scroll to the bottom and click “Update Profile”. Then view your certificate again, and your first and last name should now show.

4. Where can I find my certificate after I finish the quiz?

Your certificate can be found at the bottom of your profile page above the “Update Profile” button.

As more questions pop up from users we will update this section. If you do not see your question, please contact us via email preferably as we are able to respond to a higher volume more efficiently. Staff@ipicd.com

Thank you,