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Welcome to the AELE-IPICD “Understanding and Managing Officer’s Use of Spit Masks” webinar. The webinar is approximately 65 minutes in length and will give you the feeling of “being there” when the webinar was held “live” on April 28, 2021. Presenters, in order of appearance, are: John G. Peters, Jr., Ph.D., Mark Kroll, Ph.D., and Michael Brave, Esq. The information that is shared by the presenters is based on literature reviews, legal cases, scientific studies, and the IPICD spit mask survey, which was done in collaboration with the Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc., (AELE).

Enjoy the webinar, and return to the IPICD Online Training Center site on a regular basis to see what new programs are being offered.

Professionally yours,

John G. Peters, Jr., CLS, Ph.D.

President and Chief Learning Officer, IPICD

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