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Welcome to the IPICD Wheelchair Train-the-Trainer Online Module.

There are an estimated 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States. This figure is projected to grow by 2 million yearly. Law enforcement officers (LEOs) and other first responders will come into contact with them as co-workers, neighbors, friends, as crime victims and violators. The IPICD staff believe training LEOs how to make appropriate contact and control with wheelchair users are core tasks of their job. That is the primary reason the IPICD staff decided to offer its Contact and Control™: Wheelchairs Train-the-Trainer program at the 2016 11th annual international Excited Delirium and Arrest-Related Deaths conference.

Thank you for your interest and professionalism in learning how to make contact with wheelchair users, controlling, searching, and transporting them. Information in this online module will help you and other first responders maximize safety, minimize injuries and reduce personal and employer liability when contacting wheelchair users. It will also enable employers, LEOs and first responders help meet federal and state legal training requirements (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act) and the public’s expectations. Today, society demands accountability and transparency from first responders, and the government. Therefore, it is imperative that responders are properly trained on how to safely contact, control, restrain and transport wheelchair users. Agency policies, local, state and federal laws, competency-based training and other standards and guidelines must be followed.

This is module 1 of the program. Please attempt complete before attending the 2016 IPICD conference. It will help you to better understand the “hands-on” portion of the training. If you cannot complete the 19 lessons before the conference, this online portion will be available through November 30, 2016. After that date it will be removed. You must successfully complete both modules of the program before your Train-the-Trainer certificate will be awarded.

This page provides you with information needed to navigate the course. Take notes as you navigate through each lesson. A lesson guide will be emailed to you after you have successfully completed both modules of the program. A text will also be sent to you upon its publication, scheduled for January 2017.

About this course

This online course consists of 19 topic-specific lessons. Each topic-specific lesson includes slides with text. One or more lessons also include video(s) that are required viewing. After you have successfully complete the 19 lessons, there is an assessment. Passing is 80%.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Course materials comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


This Module contains 19 Lessons and an Assessment

Each lesson includes slides, many of which contain photographs. A few lessons also include video that are required to be viewed.

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