2023 IPICD Conference ​Officer-Associated Deaths and Agitated Chaotic Events



This Is the Time to Attend The IPICD Officer-Associated, Agitated Chaotic Events,

In-Custody Death Conference!


Public Safety advisors, trainers, policy contributors, incident investigators, medical examiners and coroners, decision makers, experts, and defense attorneys are sounding a loud and clear alarm: Deaths temporal to
grounded restraint, associated with public safety personnel, are the number one concern they now see and for the next decade that has resulted and will result in public safety personnel criminal prosecutions, convictions, employment discipline and termination, costly civil litigation, and huge settlements and jury verdicts.No longer can this topic be “kicked down the road” by public safety administrators, trainers, and personnel because reality has arrived. Fact: Some people who are captured, controlled, and restrained by public safety personnel are medically and/or mentally fragile, which sometimes conclude in their sudden, unexpected, cardiac death, known as an Officer-Associated death (O-AD) because public safety personnel were involved in their capture, control, and/or restraint (including chemical sedation). Hence, the primary focus of the 2023 IPICD 18th annual conference.

Historically, some of these sudden deaths were attributed to Excited Delirium or Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS). However, many advocacy groups, medical professionals (including Medical Examiners), emergency medical providers, and others have advocated for and now deny “Excited Delirium” and “ExDS” because they are not medical or psychological diagnoses. One state passed a statute that Excited Delirium is not a medical emergency. Another state is attempting to pass a statute that bans the term “Excited Delirium.” Other states have passed laws about asphyxia-associated deaths, with prohibitions on grounded restraint positions and restraint techniques.

The Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD) is privileged to have several experts on
the subject of grounded restraint present their findings and developing theories: Alon Steinberg, M.D., Christopher
Sloane, M.D., and Darrell L. Ross, Ph.D.

Many times, training on grounded restraint methods has an inadequate “platform.” Hear Lt. John Domingo
(ret.) explain and demonstrate the evidence based and proven P.E.P. control and restraint approach that does not
place weight on the subject’s back area.

These insights, along with other timely topics, are designed to help update your public safety training,
policy, guidelines, and/or incident reporting. The ultimate focus: To save lives, careers, and prevent O-AD and I-CD
negative consequences, including criminal prosecutions of public safety personnel and expensive civil litigation,
often resulting in large monetary awards.

Career and Technical Education credentials are important, too. Earn your CD3 G.L.O.V.E. Instructor qualification
and Grounded Control & Restraint Analyst qualifications by attending and completing their requirements at
the 2023 conference. Two qualifications. . . one conference.
Reminder: Join the IPICD and save $100 on the conference tuition.

Hotel Room Rates

Gold Coast Hotel: 4400 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89013; 888.402.6278.

Group Code: PCDK23C. Room rate: $41 per night, plus $31.99 mandatory resort fee, plus tax, per room, per day—Sunday, October 22, 2023 through Thursday, October 26, 2023. Room reservations can also be booked through the Hotel’s website at www.goldcoastcasino.com/groups Group code expires on September 21, 2023, so please reserve your room on or before this date. Book now! You can always cancel your room reservation.Prior to the cut-off date, individuals may also call the HOTEL’s Room Reservations Department at 888-402-6278 and identify as a member of the IPICD conference using the discount code: PCDK23C. Without the discount code, you will not receive the special rate and may be advised that the HOTEL is sold out during the IPICD conference dates. Please note: Due to promotional offers, rates could be lower if booked by phone or on an internal hotel site without the group code.

Tuition and Payments

$795 per person. Includes coffee, pastries, and lunch on Monday and Tuesday, instruction, conference handbook, networking “Meet and Greet,” certificate, handouts, and “Grounding-Prone Restraint Specialist” qualification per successful completion of requirements. Last day ends as Noon.
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