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There are very few opportunities to get in on the ground floor of excellence . . . this is one of them. As a charter member
of the internationally acclaimed training firm, Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD), you will not
only receive exclusive charter membership status, but also discounts on IPICD annual membership, programs and partnering company products. Charter memberships will not be offered after September 30, 2023 (only regular memberships), so join today to obtain your exclusive status. As a charter member, you will receive a special membership certificate (suitable for framing) highlighting your exclusive membership category. For as long as you keep your continuous
charter membership, your annual membership renewal does not increase. Join at www.ipicd.com

Who does not like to save money, particularly as prices keep rising. Your IPICD membership gives you great savings on the annual IPICD international conference,
IPICD programs, webinars, symposia, and more. The more you use your membership, the more you will save. You should be able to pay for your membership through
the many discounts. . . now that is good financial planning

IPICD membership gives you discounts on the IPICD annual conference, instructor programs, webinars, symposia, and more. Check them out!
• $100 discount on the IPICD annual conference tuition
• Tuition discount on IPICD webinars
• Tuition discount on IPICD symposia and seminars
• Tuition discount on IPICD instructor programs (on-demand or in-person)
• Discounts from IPICD product partners

Membership* gives you exclusive access to the IPICD microlesson library. . . at no additional cost! Regularly updated, these broadcast quality microlessons focus on contemporary topics presented by law enforcement professionals, researchers, and lawyers, but are exclusively limited to members only! Included in your annual membership, the benefits of these educational and training offerings and discounts make deciding to join easy, simple, and cost-effective.



This will renew yearly on your signup date for $145. If your funding is not approved, or you cancel your membership. At the end of your year, your charter membership will be discontinued and unable to be obtained at the charter price again. You will need to sign up again at the normal membership price.

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