01 – Introduction to Agonal Breathing

Public mistrust of law enforcement and the government has grown across the United States. Many high-profile law enforcement officer-involved events have involved suspects who said they could not breathe and then died. Often, these events were videotaped by citizens using cellular telephones and then uploaded to social media. Body-worn cameras, cellular telephone cameras, surveillance cameras, and other cameras will record even more of these tragic events. This program is designed to help officers recognize breathing problems, and destroy two myths: If a person is “talking” (s)he is “breathing,” and one or two breaths shows the person is breathing.

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Required Study Guide

Please use the link below to save and print the One Breath: The Importance of Recognizing Agonal & Other Breathing Problems” User-Level Study Guide. Your browser may open the document on another tab in your browser. The study guide is 36 pages in length, so make sure your printer contains enough paper.

–One Breath Workbook–


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